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Give your home the “Sniff” test

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

One of the first things I notice when I walk into your home that is listed for sale is the smell. When marketing your home, you need to consider all of the senses. First, get rid of stinky smells: dishes, laundry, pet, etc. Then, accept the fact that you can’t bake a fresh loaf of bannana bread before every showing. I have seen and personally tried candles, melted wax warmers, and plug ins. My new favorite that I noticed in a beautiful house in River Chase. . .Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. You will need at least one in every main room and bathroom. You can mix and complement the smells. I like the Apple Crumble in the main rooms, and Lavendar Chamomile for bathrooms. Analyze the smell yourself when you first walk in the door from being gone. Make your home smell and show great!