Central Texas Wildfire- Check your Home Insurance


Thanks to our brave firemen and women, the wildfires in Central Texas are currently under control. Strong winds and high temperatures on Sunday kept the safety officials on their toes. As the Central Texas authorities issued red flag warning levels, the safety officials have kept a close watch on the current fire scenario.

The fire that started Labor Day weekend in Bastrop County consumed an enourmous amount of the Lost Pines and devastated many homes. There were several fires in Central Texas that broke out the same weekend due to the extreme, dry, windy conditions. Many of us in Central Texas were extra vigilant and worried about our own homes and an evacuation plan. It also alerts us property owners to check if we have adequate home insurance.

As reported by a 2010 survey, most Texas real estate insurance claims were weather related. Top claims of the past year were related to wind, water, and hail. Though these claims are generally covered under the homeowner’s standard policy, people need to purchase separate flood insurance via the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).

In case there is hail and wind exclusion on the policy, it can be obtained via the TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association).

Make sure you have adequate insurance policies to protect your real estate investments.

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